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Nose Fillers - 10 minute Nose Enhancement using Filler


Once upon a time, surgery was the only method of improivng the appearance of nose. With Filler nose injection (aka filler rhinoplasty, non surgical nose job), surgery-like result can be achieved non surgically. Such as this example....

Using filler to enhance nose is not new. It has been used fairly extensively in the past but its use was mainly limited to enhancement of dorsum of the nose. Filler injection was therefore effective in raising the flat dorsum but it was ineffective in raising the tip of the nose. Until Now ...

  Traditional Method 10 minute Nose Job
Dorsum Yes Yes
Tip No Yes

We at Simply Beautiful have pioneered this injection technique, called Structured Asian Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, and not only the dorsum can be raised but also the tip of the nose can be enhanced. Within 10 minutes, your nose can be enhanced and achieve result similar to surgery, without the need of surgery.

Our technique is published in one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgical journal, "Aesthetic Plastic Surgery". <Click here to read more>

Click here to see the video demonstration of our unique and successful nose filler injection technique.

<LINK> Click here if you cant see the video.

Now, with the ability to control the shape of both dorsum and the nose tip, results similar to that following Nose Surgery can be achieved without the surgery, and in less than 10 minutes with a simple filler injection.

Successful nose enhancement using filler depends on the precise understanding of the aesthetics of the beautiful nose and the skills of the injector. Now you can also enjoy the nose enhancement in a fraction of the cost of nose surgery and in 10 minutes.

(Left) Dorsum is low, there is small hump, relatively round and bulbous tip that was
underprojected. Nostril also appear roundish as the result of short columella.
(Right) After 10 minute Nose Job with filler. Straightened and more defined dorsum was
created and the hump was faded by filling the nose surrounding the hump. A sharper
tip was created as well as increasing its projection. By lengthening the columella, a better appearing and a more tear-drop shaped nostril was produced.

These alterations were made all in 10 minutes and non surgically.

A young professional and very attractive Asian woman. Nose was the only feature that was under projected. She had injection of the nose with dermal filler. Flat nose bridge was augmented and the tip projected forward. Such "surgery like" cosmetic results can be now achieved using 10 minute nose enhancement technique using dermal filler injections.

(Left) This patient already has a very attractive nose profile. She wanted slight enhancement
and did not want surgery. (Right) Photo after Non Surgical Rhinoplasty. Filler was used to
enhance both the dorsum as well as the tip. Natural Asian nose enhancement without
the surgery and in 10 minutes.

A more feminine dorsal profile was created as well as increase in the tip projection that
was balanced and in harmony.

This patient had previous surgical rhinoplasty. As you can see (left) there is a deviation of the nose and the paitent wished to have a more dorsum elevation and tip definition. She did not want to have another surgery. (Right) Non surgical rhinoplasty was performed using dermal filler. A more straight and more enhanced dorsum was created. Also more defined tip was created.

Patient was extremely satisfied, as in comparison to previous surgical rhinoplasty, this was a "breeze" and there was no downtime. She was able to return to work next day with some bruising well disguised with make up.

(Left) One of the typical features of Asian nose, with flat dorsum and loss of dorsal aesthetic line. (Right) After 10 minute Non Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty - Elevated dorsum with the creation of dorsal aesthetic line.

(Left) This patient did not like her flap nose and the shape of nostril. She wished to have
a more prominent nose tip and a better appearing nostril. (Right) After 10 minute Non Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty, her columella (column separating the nostrils) was lengthened and the tip augmented. End result is a taller nose with good tip forward projection and a more attractive nostril shape (tear drop like). All this in 10 minutes.

(left) This patient wished to improve the flat dorsum, a better defined nose, improved tip projection and a feminine look. A subtle change was requested. (Right) After 10 minute Non Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty, subtle but a definite aesthetic improvement was noted and patient was satisfied.

Small Hump such as in this patient together with flat dorsum can be easily corrected with filler nose injection.

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Choosing to enhance your appearance with cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and if you choose the right doctor and the right practice, it can be one you'll be very glad you made.